The Thomas and Friends Collection Gift Guide - Big Toy Review

Thomas and Friends is more than just a childrens’ television show: It’s a branding powerhouse whose characters appear on everything from toothbrushes to toddler potties to toy trains. Trying to sort through all the products in the Thomas and Friends collection of merchandise can be a daunting task. A search of the phrase “Thomas and Friends” on yields a list of over 45,000 products! The following guide will help you narrow down your search to find the perfect gift for the Thomas fan in your life.

Thomas and Friends Toy Train Systems

The biggest stars in the Thomas and Friends collection are the official toy trains, playsets, track packs, and train tables. The biggest and most popular Thomas and Friends train systems are listed below.

Wooden Thomas Engine

Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway (Fisher-Price)

The toys from this collection are probably the most recognizable. The Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway collection includes the classic wooden engines as well as themed playsets and expansive train tables. The Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway system runs on wooden track that can be configured to form custom layouts.

Children might refer to this collection as “wooden thomas.”

Bestsellers in this collection

TrackMaster Thomas Engine

Thomas and Friends TrackMaster (Fisher-Price)

The Thomas and Friends TrackMaster collection features motorized engines that are battery operated. Thomas TrackMaster trains run on a customizable system of interlocking plastic track pieces. Accessories for this collection include themed playsets and track expansion tracks. The TrackMaster brand was redesigned in 2014 to include faster engines and an improved track system.

Children might refer to this collection as “motorized thomas.”

Bestsellers in this collection

Take-N-Play Thomas Engine

Thomas and Friends Take-N-Play (Fisher-Price)

Thomas and Friends Take-N-Play trains are smaller and slightly cheaper than the Wooden Thomas or TrackMaster Thomas trains. There are other features that help distinguish this toy line. Thomas Take-N-Play engines and cars are made of metal and the tracks for this system come as pre-configured playsets that are designed to be folded up for storage. Individual playsets can be connected together to create larger layouts.

Children might refer to this collection as “metal thomas.”

Bestsellers in this collection

Mega Bloks Thomas Engine

Thomas and Friends Mega Bloks (Mega Brands)

Thomas and Friends Mega Bloks are a collection of specialized building blocks that feature the Thomas and Friends branding and styling. These toys are manufactured by Mega Brands Inc., and can be integrated with other Mega Bloks systems.

Mega Bloks are also compatible with blocks from the LEGO Duplo system.

Bestsellers in this collection

Other Thomas Play Vehicles

Fisher-Price produces numerous Thomas and Friends play vehicles, and even a few small collections, that are not part of the larger track systems mentioned above. These vehicles include ride on trains, remote controlled trains, bath squirters, push-along trains, and pull-back trains. Fisher-Price refers to this broad category of products as “Thomas and Friends Preschool.”

Additional Thomas and Friends Merchandise

Thomas and Friends DVDs

Thomas and Friends is a television show so you’ll find plenty of episode collections available on DVD. In addition, a new, feature-length, Thomas and Friends movie has been released every year since 2005. These feature-length movies are heavily promoted, so if you’re buying gifts for a Thomas fan, they’re probably familiar with the films. These films typically introduce new trains and playsets into the Thomas collection. Here is a list of movies released since 2010.

Thomas and Friends Books

Thomas and his buddies didn’t start out as TV stars, but as characters in a series of childrens’ books first published in the 1940s. Since then, the little engine has found his way into more books than you could imagine, including coloring books, sticker books, look-and-find books, talking books, and Golden Books.

Thomas and Friends Additional Merchandise

If you can imagine a product that kids might use during their childhood, there’s a good chance you’ll find at least one example sporting the Thomas and Friends branding. Categories of such merchandise include the following:

  • CDs
  • Clothing
  • Apps & Games
  • Baby Products
  • Home Decor


One of the hardest parts of buying gifts for someone who’s a Thomas fan is finding items that the person doesn’t already own. Hopefully the information in this guide will save you time as you sort through the vast amount of Thomas and Friends products available for sale.

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Gift Buying Ideas

When Thomas and Friends movies are released, new engines from the film are usually introduced into the collection. If you give one of these movies, include one or two of the engines from the movie. The recipient of your gift will love playing with the trains as they watch the DVD.

The official Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway train tables can be rather pricey. There are several manufactures who make less expensive train tables that are compatible with trains from the Thomas and Friends collection.

Track packs make for great gifts. These packages of multi-purpose track pieces allow kids to create unique custom track layouts and can be used to expand existing playsets.


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