Personalized Gift Ideas for Kids

Personalized Gift Ideas for Kids

The giving of personalized gift items is a trend that continues to grow in popularity. Many companies have begun to offer personalization services for little or no additional charge, particularly around the holidays. Companies who specialize in personalization usually offer a wide range of customizable kids toys and gifts.

Big Toy Review has put together a list of some of the best personalized gifts for kids from around the web.


Just For Her Personalized Lap Desk

Sometimes it’s hard to doodle in the car. These cool, padded lap desks will help kids keep things steady in the car, or anywhere they need a flat surface to work on. There’s a just-for-him version available as well.

Superfly Kids Child's Personalized Name Puzzle

Child's Personalized Name Puzzle

Help kids with name recognition, fine motor skills, and spelling by giving them their very own name puzzle. Each puzzle features brightly colored 3” letters inset on a birch veneer board.

Personalized Mini Rolling Pin

Personalized Mini Rolling Pin

These one-of-a-kind rolling pins let kids leave their own personal imprint on anything soft and doughy, be that cookies or Play-Doh. Rolling pins are handmade in Pennsylvania.

Hallmark Personalized Books Super-Hero

Hallmark Personalized Books: Super Hero

This 20-page hardcover book features your child as a mighty superhero who saves the day! In addition to choosing the name, you can customize the hero’s skin color, eye color, hair style, and hair color. Here's a link to a girl version of the story.

Just For Him Personalized Cash Box

Just For Him Personalized Cash Box

These personalized cash boxes provide the perfect place to stashing valuables like gift cards, birthday cash, or allowance money. Boxes open via either key or combination lock. There’s a just-for-her version available as well.

Personalized Plush Play Barn and 4 Farm Animals

Personalized Plush Play Barn and 4 Farm Animals

This classic barn comes with personalized embroidery as well as four plush farm friends: a cow, pig, lamb, and horse. Kids will explore soft texture, become familiar with barnyard animals, and enjoy positioning the animals inside the barn so they peek outside.


Rainbow Name Personalized Train

This solid maple name train is great for play as well as display. Each customized set includes an engine and caboose to attach at either end. Pieces attach to one another with magnets and can connect to other wooden train systems as well.

Personalized Classic Step Stool Chair

Personalized Classic Step Stool Chair

This colorful, all-wood children’s chair is more than meets the eye. When kids need a boost, the chair will quickly convert into a convenient step stool. Made of solid Pennsylvania cherry wood.


Racecars and Case

Once a kid starts collecting toy cars, that collection can get real big, real fast. These personalized car-carry cases can be loaded up for storage on the go.


All Mine! Personalized Photo Memory Game

Give kids a classic memory game that’s a little more meaningful. Upload nine different personal photos and they’ll be printed on pairs of matching tiles with the child’s name printed on the reverse. Each 18 piece set comes with a handy canvas bag for storage.


Cupcake Embroidered Kid's Apron

Kids seem to love baking, especially when there’s sugar involved! This cute quilted apron features brightly colored cupcakes and a large, embroidered name across the front.


Soft Canvas Sling Shelf

Every kid’s room could use extra storage options, particularly in regards to books. Available in both pastel and primary colors, these canvas sling shelves are a neat way to organize and display kids’ books.


Personalized Storybooks

Make a kid the star of their very own children’s book. This funny My Farm Friends book features kid’s name in text and incorporates the name into a few illustrations as well. There’s many other great stories to choose from.


Wooden Baseball Display Case

Showcase an existing baseball collection or inspire kids to start a new one. This two-tone blue display case holds up to 12 baseballs and choice of personalized name engraved on a golden plate.


Stampin' Fun Personalized Stamper

Give kids their very own personalized branding machine with this easy to use stamper. The icon that appears next to the name is customizable as well, with 30 different icons to choose from. Comes in three colors - black, blue, and red.

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