Hilarious and Fun Ways to Puzzle Your Kids on Christmas Morning

Hilarious and Fun Ways to Puzzle Your Kids on Christmas Morning

Parents spend a lot of time preparing for Christmas day–digging through toy wishlists online, searching for clever spots to hide gifts away from prying eyes, maybe even dragging themselves out of bed at the crack of dawn to snag a few Black Friday deals, all in an effort to give their kids an experience they’ll remember. With all the work involved, it’s too bad the morning often flies by in the blink of an eye.

If you’re looking for a way change up the tempo this Christmas morning, why not give your kids an extra dose of the unexpected? It never hurts to remind your kids how tricky you can be.

Here’s a list of ideas to help you get a little more mileage out of Christmas morning.

Puzzle Money and Gift Card Holders

Mag-Nif Gift Card Maze


You spent a lot of time picking out that gift card! Savor the moment by wrapping your present in one of these card-sized frustration boxes.

Money Maze Puzzle Box

Money Maze Puzzle Box

Giving cash this year? Deliver that money in style with the Money Maze Puzzle Box!

Puzzle Pod Cryptex


If you’re ready to take your gift giving to the next level, this capsule ought to do the trick. Recipients will need to figure out a five letter code in order to get inside.

Miles Kimball Money MachineTM Cash Dispenser


Do your kids sometimes treat you like an ATM? Well, even if they don’t they’ll still love receiving their very own cash machine for Christmas! This is a great way to make a little cash go a long way.

Money Soap


Are you looking for a surefire way to delight and slightly annoy your kids this Christmas?, then Money Soap is the gift you’ve been looking for. According to the manufacturer, each “delightfully” scented bar is guaranteed to contain either a 1, 5, 10, 20 or 50 dollar bill. It’s even banned in Montana due to state gambling laws. . . . Awesome!

Christmas Coal


Every once and a while, kids need a “gentle reminder” to be good for goodness’ sake. If you’re looking for a clever way to deliver this “gentle reminder” to your kids, Christmas Coal has got you covered. For maximum effect, follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove all gifts from under the tree on Christmas Eve.
  2. Replace gifts with a few lonely bags of Christmas coal.
  3. Wait in bed while your kids run out to the tree on Christmas morning.
  4. Act really surprised when they run into your room.
  5. Keep joke going as long as necessary.


Prank Gift Boxes

After opening box after box on Christmas, things can start to feel a little predictable. Spice it up this year with these hilarious prank gift boxes. Make sure you record your kid’s reaction so you can post it on Facebook.

Prank Pack Extreme Chores


Here’s a suggestion for getting the most out of this prank.

  1. Wrap the box in nice paper to make it seem like a really big deal.
  2. Tape the box shut with an excessive amount of clear tape so your kids are forced to look at the pictures.
  3. After unwrapping the gift your kids will stare at you as if to say, “Seriously!?”
  4. Don’t start laughing yet; instead, act like you think they’re really, really happy about the gift.
  5. Jump down next to your kids and start pointing out all the cool features, all while keeping a big grin on your face as if you really outdid yourself.

Prank Pack GameMaxx


Obviously, this prank will work best with kids who like playing video games. Here’s a few tips for making the most of this prank.

  1. As you describe the toy, keep throwing out awkward phrases like “that’s so crunk,” “man this is sooo hot,” and “yeaah boyeeee!”
  2. Tell your child that you bragged about the gift to a bunch of his or her buddies. As they look at you with astonishment say, “I’m pretty sure I earned you a few cool points.”

Prank Pack Blankeez

Prank Pack Blankeez

This prank is best served to kids who recently started avoiding their parents in public. As you point to pictures on the box, talk a lot about using the blanket at the next family movie night and how you can’t wait to bust it out at the next soccer game, football game, etc.

Looking for a way change up the tempo of Christmas morning? Why not give your kids an extra dose of the unexpected this year. It never hurts to remind them how tricky you can be.

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